Preventive Medicine: 9 Root Causes of Disease

I often get emails like this, “Dear Doctor, please tell me your favourite natural cure for anxiety”, to which I often reply: Dear, Anxiety, Imagine you are a gardener, tending to your garden. You are a skilled gardener: you tend lovingly to your plants every day and...

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Feeling Tired? Try These 15 Ways to Beat Fatigue

Like many people I see, Sandra was experiencing debilitating exhaustion. Completing her PhD, she was working all day and collapsing on the couch at 8 pm. She stopped going out in the evening. She ceased spending time with friends, engaging in activities outside of her...

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Is Your Multivitamin Making You Sick?

Is your multivitamin or B-complex making you sick? Take a look at the label on your multivitamin or B-complex and see if it contains "folic acid". Folic acid is often used interchangeably with "folate", which is a vitamin needed for DNA synthesis and repair. Every...

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My Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex Discuss a Centipede Trapped in the Bathtub

Prefrontal Cortex: ...Right, so the deadline for the article is Monday. I can work on it tomorrow morning, but then I also need to schedule time for grocery shopping—what am I going to make for the week to eat? There's a giant load of laundry in the bin too, which I...

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